‘I went to my brother’s wedding while pregnant – his wife thinks I upstaged her’

There’s often an unspoken rule when it comes to weddings that means that as a guest, you shouldn’t announce big life events such as engagements or pregnancies that might detract from the newlywed’s big day.

But if you’re already heavily pregnant when a loved one ties the knot, there’s not much you can do to conceal that information from people – and in most cases, the couple tying the knot wouldn’t ask you to.

That’s not quite the case with one woman on Reddit though, as she’s been accused of “upstaging” her brother’s wedding because she was seven months pregnant at the time and didn’t inform every guest about her baby news ahead of the day.

The mum-to-be explained she doesn’t have much contact with her extended family and her brother and parents all knew she was pregnant – but her new sister-in-law didn’t.

In her post, she explained: “I am not close with my family. I live in a different state, so I don’t have much contact with them. My brother got married last weekend and invited me.

“My husband and I recently separated, and after that, I found out I was pregnant. My extended family didn’t know about the separation or about the pregnancy. I told my brother I was pregnant when we spoke on the phone before the wedding, he congratulated me and that was more or less it. My parents also knew about the pregnancy.

“I am 7 months pregnant right now and getting a divorce. When I showed up at the wedding, everyone was super shocked to see me pregnant and alone there. A lot of questions followed, I answered them with as little info as possible and that was it.”

Things took a turn at the wedding when the priest who officiated the ceremony decided to mention the woman’s pregnancy, which made the bride angry.

But things reached boiling point when the woman’s brother made a comment about his “nephew”, which prompted the woman to reveal she’s actually expecting a baby girl – leaving the bride fuming.

She said: “During the ceremony, the priest mentioned my pregnancy to make a joke about what’s next for the bride and groom. Something like ‘and after [my] baby, hopefully, many more will join this beautiful family.’

“The bride was p***ed off because now everyone knew I was pregnant. During the picture taking part of the reception, my brother says ‘okay, and now I want to take a pic with my favourite sister and my first nephew’. I laughed and said ‘niece, actually’ and he was super happy.

“The bride came to me later and called me an a**hole for upstaging her wedding with not just my pregnancy but also the ‘baby gender announcement’.

“Her family is obviously on her side, my brother thinks she is acting crazy and I did nothing wrong, and my parents think I should have informed people I was pregnant before coming to the wedding and should have kept quiet about the gender.”

Commenters on the Reddit post are firmly on the woman’s side, as many insist she wouldn’t have been able to hide her pregnancy even if she wanted to.

And some even put blame on the priest, stating that he shouldn’t have mentioned her pregnancy for seemingly no reason.

One person said: “The priest … yeah, the priest is the a**hole of the story. They shouldn’t have mentioned the pregnancy in the ceremony. That was way out of line.”

While another added: “You didn’t go in intentionally trying to upstage anyone. The gender comment was literally just in passing. You would be an a**hole if you stood up in the middle of the reception and announced the gender to everyone. I get that it is her day, but your very existence is not taking anything away from her special day.”