‘I’m a mum – stop ice lollies from dripping down your kids with a 1p item’

You know you’ve been there before – you’ve handed your child an ice lolly to eat, and then a few seconds later the regret kicks in because all you can see is a messy dribble all down their chin. Yuck.

A busy mum-of-four found herself in the same sticky situation, so she decided to get inventive and come up with a handy way to make it stop for good – banishing all stickiness.

TInfluencer, Shannon Doherty, who has over a million followers with her TikTok account @athomewithshannon , posted a video explaining how a simple cupcake case is a perfect solution.

Cupcake linings, which can be bought in a packet for £1 and so amount to approximately a penny each, can be pushed up the stick in twos or more.

That way, they can easily catch any drips before they start to stain your child’s clothes, and get all over their body.

She showed her daughter snacking on an ice lolly at the beach on a glorious day, and Shannon explained that the cake cases easily create ‘no drip pops’ for all the family – even adults who don’t want to get themselves messy.

But, that isn’t the 1p items only use, because they can also be used to create a shield for drinks.

‘Why?’ you ask. To stop bugs getting into them of course.

Nobody wants to be consuming creepy crawlies, and since they’re in abundance in the summer months, it’s another great tip.

Simply push a straw through the bottom of the casing to create a paper lid for each glass you’re drinking from.

Another way to utilise the cupcake cases is to use them as little snack holders for when you’re in the garden or at the beach.

The mum came up with three amazing hacks, including using cupcake cases as snack holders
All you have to do is fill up the case with your kid’s favourite sweets or savoury treats and hand them out on a portable tiny tray – who knew that cupcake cases could have so many other uses?!

That also means that your child’s snacks will be portioned, rather than handing them the whole bag of sweets making them far too hyper for their own good.

The three simple yet effective ways to utilise the 1p product went down a treat with Shannon’s followers.

People referred to the hacks as ‘so clever’, ‘awesome’ and ‘so smart.’

One wrote: “Who knew these were so versatile.” As a second said: “Drink cover is genius!”