‘I let our gardener move in when he lost his home but he keeps waking us all up’

A mum -of-two claims to have found herself stuck in a tricky situation after her gardener of nearly ten years moved into her home.

The anonymous parent posted on Mumsnet, explaining how the gardener turned up on the family’s doorstep with all his belongings in bin bags.

“His partner had thrown him out. He had nowhere to go, so we let him stay with us,” the woman wrote. “We are not friends and have a professional relationship but we have enough room for him and he would have slept in his car otherwise”.

A month after living with the family, the gardener says he intends to start looking for somewhere to rent but hasn’t started looking at properties yet.

But there’s one thing he’s been doing that’s really getting on the family’s nerves.

“The problem is he likes to go to the gym at 5.15am and it wakes us all up,” the post adds.

“Is it unreasonable to ask him to go at a later time? We have two small kids and my husband has a very demanding job”.

The post attracted a slew of comments, with the majority criticising the gardener for his early-morning antics.

“It’s bizarre he came to you! Tell him he’s got a week to find somewhere else. How bizarre,” one user wrote.

Another added: “Quite amazing. It is your house; tell him to go late. Better still, tell him to go completely”.

However, the mum managed to find the humour as people started joking she was having an affair with a hunky gardener.

“Sadly, he’s not a muscly 21-year-old Love Island-style contestant, otherwise I’d mind being woken up by him less!”