British Airways slammed over ‘atrocious’ first class breakfast with ‘grey eggs’

British Airways has sparked outrage online after a picture of a first class passenger’s breakfast was posted on Twitter.

The meal, which some thought was “unidentifiable”, appears to consist of sausage, mushroom, hash browns and grey-looking scrambled eggs and was reportedly served on a flight to Abuja, Nigeria.

It’s not clear how much the passenger paid for their flight, but at the time of writing, first class BA tickets from London to Abuja in June and July cost a staggering £7,172 per person.

The picture, which has been shared anonymously, has garnered thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

One person struggled to work out whether the scrambled egg was actually “wet tissue”.

“Truly atrocious level of cuisine, irrespective of the class. I wouldn’t feed that to a dog. British Airways, hang your heads!” Another Twitter user wrote..

A third proclaimed: “I’m not joking, I’ve been sent pictures of better plates of food from prison”.

While someone else tweeted: “Crickey. I have always wanted to fly 1st Class (without paying for it obviously). Well, that’s now one less thing on the old bucket list.”

However, some people suggested complaining about food amid the cost of living crisis was insensitive and “out of touch”.

A different user posted: “People are struggling to feed their families [and] heat their homes… If you’re lucky enough to fly first class then perhaps appreciate the comedy value of this one bad meal. Don’t rub your wealth of opportunity in people’s faces.”

Speaking to The Mirror, a spokesperson for British Airways said: “We’re speaking with our third-party caterers to understand what happened here, as this clearly doesn’t meet our usual high standards. We’re sorry we let our customers down on this occasion.”